Ear Master School for Windows 10


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EarMaster School is a special edition EarMaster'a Pro, dedicated teachers and students of music schools. EarMaster School includes all features the Pro version, with the added number of very useful functions in the conduct of activities in schools. Prints customized reports to check the ability of each student, to design their own lessons, or even complete the course. EarMaster School 5 allows you to use an unlimited number of users, each of which can adjust the settings and performance statistics to your needs. EarMaster is an effective tool that allows you to use the computer to train your hearing. Simple and challenging exercises, train your new pet, and check your skills in all the harmonic and rhythmic ear training you need. Beginners can use the virtual personal teacher who will put before them another challenge by proposing a series of exercises of increasing difficulty levels along with your skills. Experienced users have at their disposal a set of powerful exercises. Each exercise can be configured exactly as you wish. This flexibility makes the EarMaster is the ideal solution for musicians and music students preparing for entrance exams to her. All test results are stored in a database. EarMaster allows you to learn and practice a variety of ways The harmonic exercises you can: - Select an answer from a list - Transcribed notes on stave - Play sounds on the keyboard - Piano (located on the - The screen) to play the guitar sounds (Located on the screen) - Play sounds on your MIDI instrument - Odśpiewywać sounds with the microphone The rhythmic exercises you can: - Dialing a rhythm with the space bar on the computer keyboard - Clap the rhythm of the microphone - Play a rhythm on the MIDI keyboard